Our Cows

Our herd comes from an organic background and generations of grazing, often referred to as grass-fed genetics. We never feed our cows grains, but we do supplement with natural minerals and vitamins and hay as need. Our animal husbandry is 100% holistic and we raise all our animals with a naturopathic approach.

Calves and cows we raise to sell are raised on their mother’s milk for at least 5-6 months for a well-developed rumen, immune system, and future fertility. The first two calves that were born here on our homestead each nursed until they were 15 months old!

We are breeding for Pure Jersey genetics in a smaller body frame, with cows who produce A2 milk that is ideal for not only fresh drinking but also fermenting and cheese making. Some of our other priorities in breeding are for cows who produce 2.5-3 gallons of milk per day in well supported udders that function for many years. We also prefer longer teats for easier hand milking, and polled so there’s no worry about a head with horns swinging around to shoo off flies. Finally, we aim for a calm and friendly temperament in our cows.

Below you’ll see a little bit of information about each of our cows and you can click on the button for more details about each cow’s history, personality and physical traits as well as additional photos and documentation. Below we include:

  • Cow’s name: In case you are unfamiliar, you will often see a P or PP at the end of a cow’s name. Both refer to that fact that the cow is genetically polled (born without horns). Those who carry one copy of the dominant polled gene are indicated with P and could potentially pass on a horned gene to their offspring. The cows with PP carry two copies of the polled gene and can only birth calves who are also genetically polled, even if bred to a horned bull.
  • BBR (Breed Based Representation): Each of our cows has been genetically tested and their DNA mapped against known Jersey genetics. The number following the BBR indicates the percent of Jersey genetics in that animal. So far all of our cattle are BBR100, or 100% Purebred Jersey.
  • Height: Mini Jerseys are measured at the top of the hip, and should fall in the range of 36 to 42 inches after their third birthday. Midsize Jerseys are up to 48 inches.
  • Milk Proteins and Production: Beta casein can be either A1, A2 or one of each. Learn about why we breed for A2 on this page. Kappa casein and beta lactoglobulin: Most commonly A, B or one of each. The ideal cheese making milk will form a firm curd quickly and lots of it. Kappa Casein BB cow’s milk is the ideal milk for making cheese, clotting 25% more quickly and twice as firm as AA milk. BB milk also produces 10% more cheese than AA milk.


Misty Morning Farm Mulberry-PP

DNA Verified 100% Purebred Mini Jersey (BBR100)

41 inches at 6 years old (Vet Verified)

A2A2, BB, BB, ~2.5 gallons per day

Misty Morning Farm Moonbeam-P

DNA Verified 100% Purebred Mini Jersey (BBR100)

40 inches at 5 years old (Vet Verified)

A2A2, ~3 gallons per day


Better with Thyme Starlight-P

DNA Verified 100% Purebred Mini Jersey (BBR100)

42 inches at 2 years old

A2A2, BB, BB

Better with Thyme Sunshine

Polled Heifer Calf

21.5 inches at birth

A2A2, BB, BB by parentage

Previous Cows

Chestnut Oak Mint Leaf-PP

DNA Verified 100% Purebred Mini Jersey (BBR100)

42 inches at 4 years old

A2A2, BB, BB, 1 gallon per day with calf

Boarded on our farm July 2023-May 2024

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