Livestock Guardian Dogs

Our AKC registered Great Pyrenees are wonderful livestock guardian dogs and family pets

In the early days of our farm we lost a lot of chickens to foxes, especially hungry mamas in the spring who were very bold and not scared of people. We lost all but two of our first flock of ducks to a pack of coyotes in a matter of seconds. I have also heard bobcats in the area and neighbors have seen black bears on occasion. The hawks sometimes circle the sky over our chickens or sit in trees around our perimeter for days on end, hoping the dogs will let down their guard.

Since we began having our Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs roaming the property, we have rarely lost any birds to predators. Our Pyrenees are protective and very loving and learn to watch over any animal that we introduce to them and show them is ours to take care of, which now also includes mini-cattle, sheep, pigs and turkeys!

Great Pyrenees are wonderful family pets. Our dogs are extremely gentle and tolerant of children. When bonded to their humans, they will protect them as well as livestock. For example, if I go out after dark, the dogs escort me and take up positions around me and when the kids are playing outside, one of the dogs always takes up the job of being nearby to watch over them.

Having our livestock guardian dogs has completed our farm and given us the freedom to raise a variety of animals without fear of constant predator loss. We can even enjoy outings without racing against sunset to get home and lock the chicken coops (we actually don’t lock the coops anymore at all so the birds can forage as early and late as they chose to).

We hope to contribute to the future of the Great Pyrenees breed, and help ensure that these amazing dogs are available to farms and families who can partner with them and their unique abilities. We love to talk about Pyrs, so feel free to get in touch with any questions you have!