About Our Puppies

We occasionally have puppies available for sale from our AKC registered Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs

Our puppy buyers come to us not just for our experience with Great Pyrenees, but for our naturally reared puppies. Our puppies are raised as naturally as possible, born outdoors and remaining with their working parents until they are ready for their new homes.

Puppies’ first food beyond their mother’s milk is the same raw meat, bones, organs and supplements as our adult dogs. By weaning age your puppy is accustomed to eating several different types of whole meat and bones. We have been very impressed with the results in our dogs’ health using natural rearing! If you would like to learn more about why we feel it is so important to raise dogs this way, please see our Natural Rearing Resources page.

We also believe it is important for livestock guardian dog puppies to have a strong bond with humans. Our puppies get lots of attention and interaction from birth. We have found that a strong bond with humans will help independent natured Pyrenees take cues from their people about what is expected of them both for manners with people as well as their livestock guardian dog duties. It is also easy for them to transition to being companions and house pets as a number of our puppies have.

The youngest age puppies can be taken home is 8 weeks old. In the past we have preferred to keep puppies until 9-10 weeks as we feel they benefit from the additional nursing and training time on the farm with their parents, but we can work with you to figure out timing that works best for you and your puppy.

Available & Previous Puppies

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