The Holistic Homestead Course

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This course will empower you to take charge of your wellness by providing your own homegrown, nutrient-dense food to keep your body well – including livestock for milk, eggs and meat as well as keeping a guardian dog to protect your livestock from predation.

  • Learn to raise and care for all the animals on your homestead holistically by implementing a cohesive, multi-species system with built-in preventative care as well as natural remedies only as needed.
  • We will begin with planning exactly how many animals you will need for your family, and keep the long term plan in mind as we begin implementing small steps and end up with a cohesive whole.
  • This course covers poultry (chickens, ducks, turkeys and guinea fowl), the family milk cow, meat sheep and livestock guardian dogs.
  • In the kitchen lessons you’ll learn how to prepare the food you grow to maximize nutrition in your meals and how to preserve your harvest for year round use of seasonal foods.

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About the Course

Planning for a Cohesive Whole

In this overview, learn which types of animals you will need for meat, eggs and milk, and how they all compliment each other.


Where to begin? A Day in the Life Homestead accounting tips from a CPA

Heritage Poultry

Learn about raising poultry holistically and which birds to choose for your goals and your land.


Starting Your Flock Fencing & Shelter Feeding Self-sustaining flock Preserving and using your eggs Processing birds for meat Ducks Turkeys

Livestock Guardian Dog

Once a Day Family Milk Cow

This once a day family milk cow is a cud chewing beauty queen who converts pasture to nutrient dense food for both the family and other livestock


Benefits of a Milk Cow Choosing Your Cow Bringing Your Cow Home Bonding & Safety Feeding Fencing & Shelter Breeding Your Cow Get Ready for Calving Milking Using Your Milk Supplies Checklists

Babydoll Sheep

Homestead Scale Pigs

Pigs can be a relatively quick turn around for meat, or can be kept long term for waste cleanup and garden fertilizer.



Rotational Grazing

Rotational grazing is important enough to have its own section, and applies to all livestock.


Multi-species, leader-follower rotational grazing How to calculate fencing and paddocks