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Blossom’s 2022 Litter

Blossom’s 2022 Litter Page

Bria’s 2021 Litter


He took to his new flock immediately! He’s doing a fantastic job looking after chickens and goats.


Loving his family and all his friends! We hear he’s the star at his daycare and making other people fall in love with Pyrenees too.


Baby stayed with us, and is a sweet and rambunctious puppy (at least compared to all her older pack mates!) She looks like she is going to be the largest female Pyr in our pack.


Guardian for a family and farm with pigs and goats. From his owner: “He has shown excellent guardianship since the day we brought him home. To watch him work is nothing short of amazing. He’s is a vital asset to our farm.”

Bella’s 2019 Litter


Goose is living the life, on an amazing “micro” farm, guarding goats, pigs, chickens and more. You can follow her on Instagram at #goosethelgd All photos via


Luna is a beloved family pet, who goes everywhere with her humans!


Bria has stayed on the farm with us. You can follow her on Instagram at #briaofbetterwiththyme


Mint has stayed on the farm with us. You can follow him on Instagram at #mintofbetterwiththyme


Chief joined Rosie in guarding KuneKune pigs and many other small livestock.