Blossom’s 2022 Litter

Blossom’s Puppies

This litter includes 4 males and 5 females. Individual puppy photos and updates are below.

Videos and behind the scenes

Check out our 2022 Pups Instagram highlight for additional videos and photos of the puppies from birth.

Puppy Parents

Learn more about Blossom (dam) and Mint (sire).

Puppy photos and updates from their families:



Male, Badger

6 weeks and 8 weeks old:

“Chip” at 10 weeks old:

“Chip” at 14 weeks old:


Ron has been the absolute best blessing we could’ve asked for in a dog. His demeanor is amazing and he really is such a loving and sweet dog. Josh makes comments to me on a weekly basis about how blessed we are to have gotten him! He’s growing like a weed and I am anticipating he will continue to grow for the upcoming months! He loves laying outside when it’s cold out. He sleeps in our bedroom with us and he always ends up falling asleep on our bathroom tile with his back up against the bathtub- I’m assuming because of how cold it is! He always ends up sleeping on his back and sprawled out! He loves to play tug of war with ropes with our daughter, but he is so incredibly gentle with her! She runs around holding the rope and he’ll run behind her holding it gently enough that she doesn’t get pulled back or hurt and he will just follow her around the house. He really has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we thank you so much for raising such an amazing pup in a child friendly house.


Appa is doing great, happy and healthy and settled into our routines. We’ve managed to find a balance of having him as both a working and house dog. He’s outside watching over our flock from 6am to anywhere from 7-10pm. He has a cozy little dog house that he enjoys afternoon naps in. Once I’m home from work we usually take him around the yard while Dottie plays outside. After his dinner we usually go for a walk around the neighborhood and on weekends we go to the local park for walks around the pond. Then in the evenings he comes inside and plays with Dottie, she loves having him playfully chase her around the house (it tires both of them out before bed).

We try to stay as close to the natural rearing as we can – he is still on 100% raw diet and we only got him one shot which was to help protect him from unsanitary water which we do have on our property. Our vet (VCA) has been pretty supportive of our choice to go this route.

Appa has been perfectly healthy since we’ve had him and I attribute that to the raw diet! I’ve been telling many of our friends and family about it who have been dealing with health issues with their dogs.

My favorite moments are in the morning when I get him from his room, while he is still waking up he will put his head between my legs and just stand there waiting for me to give him rubs. Although he is most responsive to me because I spend the most time with him, he is very protective and gentle with Danielle and Dottie. And he knows if he wants to play rough he comes to wrestle with me.

As I’ve mentioned before, we are finishing up work on our current house so we can sell it and find a new place to chase our homesteading dream! Somewhere with more land for more animals, more gardens, and more room for Appa to roam free.

We can’t thank you and your family enough for trusting us to take care of him! As well as being an inspiration for a healthier and more wholesome life.




Her name is R2D2, still R2 for short. The children that come to the farm love her name. They think it is very silly. When she is “working” she wears a blue harness. The kids get excited that she is white/silver and blue like the droid in Star Wars and ask a million questions about her. It’s a great conversation starter and they immediately feel comfortable with a big dog. 

I don’t have many face shots of R2 since we are almost always on the move. Ha ha! Most of the photos and videos are of us on adventures. I don’t have many photos of her just hanging out at the farm. I never imagined I’d be taking her for walks because we live on a working farm, but I’m glad we’ve learned the skill. it’s been really useful when we travel and we’ve stayed in hotels or visited friends. 

She loves the ocean, creeks and ponds. At home, in Ohio, she used to bring me turtles in the morning. She doesn’t hurt them, it’s more like “show and tell”. 😂 Like “ You know that thing I found yesterday? This one is bigger!”

She is a dream come true and I love every second with her. 




Apollonia is doing great! Your process was just fine and it was really a treat to be able to visit your homestead.

We continue to feed her a raw food diet.  She eats about 20lbs of chicken necks, 2lbs of livers, 8lbs of ground chicken remnants, eggs, loads of veggie remnants from our juicing, and she really loves beef kidney.  We could probably just keep feeding her and she would just keep eating.  We do not believe she ever gets full! 

She has had zero health issues!  She enjoys lounging in the sandbox, playing in the mud, and wrestling with Archimedes. We love the breed. The temperament is wonderful. They are really gentle giants but would probably destroy anything that tried to enter into our space.

Apollonia has surpassed any of our expectations.  We love her so much and could not imagine being without her!!!