Blossom of Better with Thyme Farm

AKC # WS65144308

Blossom’s Pedigree (PDF coming soon)

Blossom is a puppy born in July of 2019. She came to us from two working parents who both show strong guardian instincts, particularly with chickens. Blossom is growing into her role as one of our livestock guardian dogs and still very much enjoys being a playful puppy! We can see both of her parents’ looks and personality in Blossom. She is the gentlest of our dogs with humans. She sits quietly and waits for acknowledgement and then will stay and take as much love as you can give, looking into your eyes while you pet her. She’s already very aware of her body, even able to be petted by a toddler without getting too excited or overwhelming for the child. One thing she has inherited from her mom is that she’s always the whitest dog in the pack, although she does let herself get a little dirty on occasion. One thing she inherited from her dad is that when she’s really excited she whines, such as when she hasn’t seen you for a while or when she really, really wants to play with the cat but the cat won’t play back.

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Blossom’s parents

Luna (AKC #WS57935403)

Winston (AKC #WS59801903)