Cream Legbar

Cream Legbar chickens are auto-sexing (males and females hatch with different colored feathers so there’s no chance of mixing up your laying hen for a rooster). They are small sized (4-5 pounds), family-friendly chickens that lay at least 200 medium sized eggs per year with a sky blue to mint colored shell.

Our Cream Legbars are easily handled and they are great foragers, preferring to search our pasture and wooded areas for much of their diet.

We are currently selling hatching eggs and chicks from the Rees line. We prefer this line for the cream coloring in the hen’s feathers as well as the smaller, straighter combs in the males. We loved the huge floppy combs on our original Cream Legbar roosters, but found them to be too susceptible to frostbite where we live.