The Holistic Homestead Course

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This course will empower you to take charge of your wellness by providing your own homegrown, nutrient-dense food to heal your body from within – including livestock for milk, eggs and meat as well as keeping a guardian dog to protect your investments. Learn to raise and care for all the animals on your homestead holistically by implementing a cohesive, multi-species system with bulit-in preventative care as well as natural remedies only as needed. Learn how to use the food you grow in your meals and how to preserve it for year round food security. We will begin with planning exactly how many animals you will need for your family, and keep the long term plan (including income and expenses) in mind as we begin implementing small steps and end up with a cohesive whole. This introductory price for the course will only be available while the course material is still in progress. Another way you can gain access to the course and get more value for your money is to purchase the items on the Holistic Homestead Essentials list. You will learn how each of these products are used in multiple ways inside the course. Preview the course outline here.


2 reviews for The Holistic Homestead Course

  1. Brooke (verified owner)

    Sarah has been so incredibly helpful on this journey! I sometimes have really big dreams and no idea how to get there! I’m so excited Sarah has this put together. She has such a wealth of knowledge and I’m ecstatic she is sharing it all for all of us starting this journey. Details as little (or rather big) as the right kind of fencing stakes for your ground 😍 All I can say is YES!!!!!

  2. Alina (verified owner)

    This course has been CRUCIAL for me as I prepare to expand my homestead! The LGD section helped so much with our great Pyr we brought home a couple months ago, the poultry section has already helped me make so many improvements for my flock, and the babydoll section has given me the confidence I needed to bring home some lambs next spring. Also, I’m 💯 convinced I need a mini jersey – just working on convincing hubby 🙃😆 thank you so much Sarah for sharing your knowledge with us!! Worth every penny!

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