Available Mini Jerseys

Our herd consists of only Purebred Mini Jersey and Midsize Jersey cattle. All our cows and bulls are A2A2, polled and 100% Jersey genetics. We raise our herd on pasture, rotationally grazing during the growing season and supplementing with hay as needed. We do not feed our herd any grains. We do provide them with natural minerals and vitamins. We have not had a need arise for the use of any conventional medication or injection in any of our cattle. We test for Johnes, BLV and BVD annually, and all of our cows have tested disease-free.

For Sale

BWT Orion – PP

Mid-size, proven bull. A2A2, BB, BB, homozygous polled. Dam produces 2.5 gallons per day.


Moonbeam is bred to Micah for an April 2024 calf
Mulberry is bred to Micah for a May 2024 calf

Cattle Questionnaire

If you are interested in one of our available Jerseys or want to be on our list to contact when we have availability in the future, please help us get to know you and your needs by completing our cattle questionnaire.



Dam raised miniature bull, available in November of 2023 or after. More info.


Grafted/dam raised midsize/small standard heifer will be available after weaning in November 2023. More info.