About Our Farm

Welcome to Better with Thyme

Whether you’re just beginning to homestead or seeking to build on your established homestead, we’d love to support you on your holistic homesteading journey.

We’re here to provide holistically raised heritage & rare breed poultry, Babydoll Sheep, Mini Jerseys, Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs and most importantly education on raising all of your animals by sharing the lessons we’ve learned and the experience we’ve gained through our own homesteading experiences.

We’ve been on a continual learning journey we’d love to take you along on – so we can all keep getting better with “thyme.” Our mission is to empower you to homestead holistically too!

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Moving from the NYC area, and the tiny urban food forest we learned so much by starting, our family decided to expand and purchase farmland in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. We spent a year observing our new space and then got to work, slowly transforming an old hay field into a productive homestead.

Our farm is primarily pasture but we have built a home and have begun to add gardens, a small orchard and shade/nut trees as well as starting to manage the wooded edges of the farm with the assistance of animals.

We are raising a variety of animals who work together as a cohesive whole, including chickens, ducks, turkeys, guineas, sheep, cows, a pig and livestock guardian dogs. With the progress we’ve made, we’re well on our way to providing much our family’s food (including milk, meat and eggs) as well as having extra to share at times and of course livestock for sale to help other homesteaders with their flocks and herds.

…and Dreams

Our long term goal is to blend the pasture and wooded areas into silvopasture, to provide both forage and shade for the grazing animals plus a forest harvest of fruit, nuts and wood. Our dream is to contribute to building God’s kingdom here on earth. To leave behind a legacy of a productive homestead that serves many with a variety of useful and beautiful plants and animals along with the knowledge of how to work with God’s design for wellness and abundance for generations to come.

Farm Management

Moonbeam & Gemini

If you’re like us, you probably want to know whether the farm you’re buying from is going to provide the healthiest possible food and/or livestock. We are not certified by any third parties, but you are welcome to ask us any question you have about our land and animal management and we will be happy to answer.

  • Our farm had been used for cut hay for 15 years prior to us buying it, so there were no monoculture crops or spraying on our property long enough for any previous chemicals to likely have broken down in the soil.
  • Since we took over managing this farm in 2016 we have been working toward building biodiversity in the soil, plants and animals to make a cohesive, healthy and whole system, without imports.
  • We don’t spray anything on our plants or add anything to our soil besides the nutrients from breaking down plants and animal manure.
  • We feed our animals from our land as much as possible and any feed we purchase from off site is certified organic or from a local farm that uses non-GMO and sustainable practices. We do not use any corn or soy feeds.
  • We also offer our animals sea salt, kelp and other natural minerals and vitamins. In our garden areas the only additions we have used are cedar mulch, wood chips and ashes from our wood stove.

Current Offerings

  • We offer hatching eggs both for local pickup and shipping throughout the US.
  • We sell chicks and chickens locally.
  • We occasionally have Great Pyrenees puppies available as livestock guardians, family companions or both (typically we have one litter every year or two).
  • Our Olde English Babydoll Sheep typically have lambs born once per year and they are available in the spring after weaning.
  • We will have miniature and midsize calves and cows available from our dairy cattle once every year or two, either as weaned calves or trained family milk cows.
  • We offer seeds, seedlings and plants from our garden.
  • We are taking a break from chicken and duck eggs for eating but may offer them again in the future.

Educational Resources

One of our greatest joys is the work we’ve been called to do in providing education and support for those interested in holistic wellness and holistic homesteading. We offer a comprehensive Holistic Homestead Course and we also have many free resource pages and blog posts with information about natural and holistic wellness topics and tools such as Natural Rearing, traditional foods and essential oils – one of the tools we use as natural remedies only as needed. Our essential oil business has grown to well over 100 customers and brand partners who we are so blessed to support on their wellness journeys!

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