Traditional Foods

Traditional Foods are based on ancestral knowledge of how to eat for optimal health. Recipes have been handed down through generations and preserved by traditional cultures around the world. We are so grateful for those who have worked to share this knowledge and help us incorporate it into our modern lifestyle. Some of our favorite resources are the Weston A. Price Foundation, Chris Kresser and the Whole30.

This is a new section on our website, so while there isn’t much here yet we will be adding more information regularly!

Whole30 Thanksgiving

We’re beginning our Thanksgiving prep! We’re sharing videos on our Instagram stories each day and we’ll be posting recipes here.

Slow Roasted Turkey with Herb Butter

Apple and Mushroom Stuffing

Spiced Cranberry Sauce Three Ways

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Paleo Turkey Gravy

Pumpkin Custard