Holistic Wellness

For more than a decade, we have been learning about how to nourish our minds, bodies and spirits for optimal health and wellness and we would love to share what we have learned with you and help you achieve wellness holistically too.

Traditional Foods

Learning to nourish our bodies with the foods that have nourished our ancestors for many generations and how to incorporate eating this way into a modern lifestyle can give us a great foundation for lifelong wellness. Learn more about traditional foods.

Natural Medicine

In our family and on our farm, we use herbs, homeopathy and essential oils both as preventative medicine and remedies. Homegrown and carefully sourced organic herbs used in culinary doses at every meal make a great daily foundation to health. Adding essential oils to our daily rhythm increases our vibrational energy and keeps our bodies in homeostasis. And all three (herbs, oils and homeopathic remedies) can be used to safely and effectively treat ailments. Learn more about natural medicine.

Intentional Living

Being conscious of how we chose to spend our time, making sure to sync our bodies with the natural rhythms of the earth and using technology appropriately rather than excessively had a huge impact on our wellbeing. Using non-violent communication and gentle parenting along along with taking cues from Scripture, a beautiful, intentional life can be easily created. Using permaculture principals can help us connect more deeply with the world around us and create an abundance in our environment for ourselves, our animals and the wild creatures that make their home with us.