Individual Puppy Photos

When we have Great Pyrenees puppies available, their individual photos will be on this page. In addition to the photos, we help guide you to the right match based on your desires and each puppy’s unique personality. We’re currently interviewing and have a waitlist for our next planned litter. Click here for more information.

We have two older female puppies that we are considering rehoming if we can find the right match for them.

Rain (female, born January 2022)

We love Rain so much but we would we would like to find a companion home for her because she is terrified of thunder and runs to be in the house with us during every thunderstorm. We would love to find a home for her where she can enjoy a combination of indoor and outdoor time with her people. She has the sweetest temperament and gentle nature with people, just like her mama!

Baby (female, born June 2021)

Neither of our other two adult females tolerate Baby, and we want the best for each of our puppies. Baby is our most joyful pup with other dogs. She can get a bit excitable with people but we expect her to settle as she matures like all our Pyrs do (they are puppies mentally until 2 years old). Baby could go to a guardian or companion home. She may be a good fit for a family that wants a guardian sooner since she is closer to maturity.