Available Dogs

Hercules – Two Year Old Male Great Pyrenees

Hercules is a badger male from our 2022 litter (he turned 2 years old in January). He was adopted by a young family as a puppy but recently came back to our farm since the family’s new baby is allergic to dogs and their fencing was not secure enough for him to stay outdoors.

Hercules has a wonderful temperament with both adults, children and other dogs. He has been naturally reared his entire life and he is intact.

Hercules was accustomed to being in a house before returning to our farm, and we would love to transition him to a home where he would be appreciated indoors and out. He has been living outdoors (with a shelter) on our farm and re-exposed to livestock for the last few months. He gets along well with our other dogs but he has continued to be over-excited by livestock and we think he would be a better fit for a home with a female dog companion or as an only family dog. Hercules is vocal for a few days whenever there is a major change to his routine, and he barks and whines when he knows his food is on the way, but otherwise he is calm and content. He thrives on routine and has learned to sit before he will be fed or petted.

Hercules has been known to escape physical fences that he can jump over, but he has learned to respect electric net fencing. He is trained to walk on a leash, which is a must when outdoors unless he is in secure fencing. Examples of secure fencing: A physical fence at least 4 feet tall and electrified at the top and bottom, a 6 foot tall solid fence such as a vinyl privacy fence, or an electric fence such as a sheep net.

Please contact us with any questions!