Misty Morning Farm Mulberry-PP, DNA Verified 100% Purebred Mini Jersey (BBR100), 41 inches at 6 years old (Vet Verified), A2A2, BB, BB, ~2.5 gallons per day

Mulberry is our family’s primary milk cow since she willingly shares everything she’s got with us, including all of her cream! I love the blissed out look she gets on her face while I’m milking her, and the affectionate way she licks me when I’m finished milking.

Mulberry’s pedigree is predominantly Holterholm and Misty Morning Farm. Both bloodlines of small Jersey cows she comes from have been bred for grazing, A2 milk, polled and smaller stature. Holterholm cows average 6,000 pounds per year (2.42 gallons per day), 5.2% butterfat and 3.8% protein.

We haven’t measured pounds of milk per year, but we keep each of our cows’ milk separate and Mulberry provides us with 2.5 gallons per day of milk at her peak (1 gallon per day during the winter) and she maintains her condition on pasture. We do give her 1-2 pounds per day of alfalfa pellets and black oil sunflower seeds during her peak lactation (0.15% – 0.3% of her body weight).

Mulberry also holds her lactation well, we milked her for almost 18 months on her first lactation, and on her next lactation she stayed in milk for 2 years and 3 months.

Mulberry has wide orifices (teat canals), which translates to faster milking time since more milk comes out with each squeeze. Mulberry’s rear teats are shorter than her front; I milk them with three fingers or hold slightly higher up on her udder to be able to use my whole hand to milk.

Mulberry has a Gold Registration Certificate from the Purebred Mini Jersey Society (PMJS) and is also registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and the International Miniature Cattle Breeder’s Registry (IMCBR).

Mulberry in the Late Fall of 2023

Misty Morning Farm Mulberry

DOBJuly 2, 2017
SireMisty Morning Farm Lazarus
DamMisty Morning Farm Maribelle
Height41 inches at 6 years (Vet Certified)
(22 inches at birth)
Polled/HornedHomozygous Polled (Pf/Pf)
Beta CaseinA2A2 (AA)
Kappa CaseinBB
Beta LactoglobulinBB
Calved atMisty Morning Farm, VA
RegistrationPMJS #G05170066, AJCA #JEUSA000175020076, IMCBR #6218

Calving History

  • Fawn heifer June 2020 (Sire Stormy)
  • Fawn bull December 2021 (Sire Stormy)
  • Fawn bull May 2023 (Sire Harold)
  • Fawn bull April 2024 (Sire Micah)


Better with Thyme Orion-PP

Sire: Misty Morning Farm Stormy (42″ at 3 years)



22 inches at birth, 46 inches at 2 1/4 years old (Midsize Jersey)

Better with Thyme Blackberry

Sire: Chestnut Oak Harold

23.5 inches at birth, 36 inches at 6 months old

Better with Thyme Hawthorn

Sire: Chestnut Oak Micah

24 inches at birth


Additional Photos