Mint of Better with Thyme Farm

Mint was born to Bella and Beau. We did not originally plan to keep him, but when he was 4 months old we started thinking about it. He is a super sweet puppy and enjoys affection with people and the other puppies and dogs. We saw him bonding well to all of our animals and quickly becoming a strong asset to our livestock guardian team. So after much thought (and consultation with others who have had experience with Great Pyrenees for 20+ and 30+ years) we decided to go with our hearts and keep this sweet boy on our farm.

Mint is generally the first to greet me and is very well mannered, sitting and wagging his tail profusely waiting to be petted. He gets along with all the people and animals on our farm.⁣ He even won over our heifer cow Moonbeam, who didn’t tolerate any other dogs getting near her before Mint convinced her that they were okay after all.

Mint is growing into a fantastic guardian, aware of his surroundings and attentive to all of our various animals. He’s often the first to address a perceived threat during the daytime (his dad takes that role at night). Mint’s bark is already deeper than his dad’s and we suspect he’s going to grow up into a big, solid guy.

Beau and Mint have a wonderful relationship so far but we do realize that two adult male Pyrenees can’t always stay together. If the time comes, we are prepared to have them in separate areas. For now, Mint looks up to his dad and has a very similar easygoing personality and we’re so happy he is staying with us.