Bria’s 2021 Litter

Dylan “Dug”

He took to his new flock immediately! He’s doing a fantastic job looking after chickens and goats.


Seeing Larry’s professional photos and Christmas card each year makes me want to take better photos of our own pups! Look how happy everyone is!


Baby stayed with us, and is an absolute sweetheart. She’s a big, strong girl who loves everyone and gets along with all the other dogs in our pack. She was a rambunctious puppy but started to really settle into a guardian role around 15 months old. Now she’s often the first to spot arial predators and alert the pack.


Guardian for a family and farm with pigs and goats. From his owner: “He has shown excellent guardianship since the day we brought him home. To watch him work is nothing short of amazing. He’s is a vital asset to our farm.”