Mint Leaf

Chestnut Oak Mint Leaf-PP, DNA Verified 100% Purebred Mini Jersey (BBR100), 42 inches at 4 years old, A2A2, BB, BB, 1 gallon per day with calf

Mint Leaf came to stay with our herd for a year after a friend of ours purchased her but wasn’t ready to bring her home quite yet. She was very skittish when she arrived but after many months of calm routine and slowly pushing her comfort zone, she is now completely comfortable with us walking up to her, brushing her, milking her and she even (mostly) lets us lead her!

Mint Leaf is line bred to Sunshine Acres Loyal on both sides of her pedigree, Loyal is a Mini Jersey bull known for bringing down stature while maintaining Jersey purity. Her pedigree is predominantly Holterholm and Misty Morning Farm. Both bloodlines of small Jersey cows she comes from have been bred for grazing, A2 milk, polled and smaller stature. Holterholm cows average 6,000 pounds per year (2.42 gallons per day), 5.2% butterfat and 3.8% protein.

We did not have Mint Leaf on her first lactation and she is still early in her second lactation, but so far she is giving about a gallon a day after a half day separation from her calf, with her calf nursing the remainder of her milk the rest of the day.

Mint Leaf has longer teats, which are a breeze to milk with my whole hand and her udder is high off the ground and well supported. Mint Leaf also offers a very straight top line, which she has passed on her to her bull calf. (A straight top line helps a cow carry the weight of her annual pregnancies.)

Mint Leaf is registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and the International Miniature Cattle Breeder’s Registry (IMCBR).

Chestnut Oak Mint Leaf

DOBJuly 5, 2019
SireMisty Morning Farm Lazarus
DamMisty Morning Farm Meadow Sage
Height42 inches at 4 years
Polled/HornedHomozygous Polled (Pf/Pf)
Beta CaseinA2A2 (AA)
Kappa CaseinBB
Beta LactoglobulinBB
Calved atChestnut Oak Farm, MD
RegistrationAJCA #JEUSA000175020094, IMCBR #20193

Calving History

  • Fawn bull March 2022 (Sire Stormy)
  • Fawn heifer February 2024 (Sire Harold)


Chestnut Oak Micah-PP

Sire: Misty Morning Farm Stormy (42″ at 3 years)



20.5 inches at birth, 44 inches at 2 years old (Midsize Jersey)

Chestnut Oak Lavender

22.5 inches at birth

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