Better with Thyme Starlight-P, DNA Verified 100% Purebred Mini Jersey (BBR100), 42 inches at 2 years old, A2A2, BB, BB

Starlight was the first calf born on our family’s farm and she has the sweetest, calmest temperament, just like her mama Moonbeam.

Starlight’s pedigree is predominantly Holterholm and Misty Morning Farm. Both bloodlines of small Jersey cows she comes from have been bred for grazing, A2 milk, polled and smaller stature. Holterholm cows average 6,000 pounds per year (2.42 gallons per day), 5.2% butterfat and 3.8% protein.

Starlight is a first calf heifer. She’s holding her condition well on pasture only with no supplementation, despite having a disabled leg. She has also inherited her dam’s longer teats and seems to have inherited her milk production as well.

Starlight has a Black Registration Certificate from the Purebred Mini Jersey Society (PMJS) and is also registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and the International Miniature Cattle Breeder’s Registry (IMCBR).

Starlight Nursing Her Calf in the Fall of 2023

Better with Thyme Starlight

DOBOctober 20, 2021
SireMisty Morning Farm Stormy
DamMisty Morning Farm Moonbeam
Height42 inches
Polled/HornedHeterozygous Polled (Pf/H)
Beta CaseinA2A2 (AA)
Kappa CaseinBB
Beta LactoglobulinBB
Calved atBetter with Thyme, WV
RegistrationPMJS #B05210073, AJCA #JEUSA000175042625, IMCBR #9339

Calving History

  • Fawn heifer August 2023 (Sire Orion)


Better with Thyme Sunshine

Sire: Better with Thyme Orion (46″ at 2+ years)

21.5 inches at birth, 39 inches at 9 months


Additional Photos