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Urgent! Tell Congress your thoughts on homeopathy

In a drastic reversal of its previous policy, the FDA now considers ALL homeopathic medicines to be “unapproved new drugs” subject to pharmaceutical-specific premarket approval requirements or removal from the market at any time without notice as “illegally” marketed products.

With the FDA making its proposed new guidance final this month, we now must face the prospect that at least some of our cherished medicines could be gone in the new year as the FDA decides to eliminate remedies that it considers “too risky” without having to provide any evidence of problems. This is something which is explicitly allowed by the guidance.

We must turn to Congress and ask them to step in with legislation that protects homeopathic medicines from the FDA’s vague and overly broad (mis)guidance that could lead to arbitrary and unfounded withdrawals of properly manufactured and labeled homeopathic medicines that threaten no one (and the FDA has even done so already when it was in draft form!).

Ask your legislators to join the growing bipartisan coalition of offices seeking to preserve the right to choose homeopathic medicines.

Tell Congress the FDA’s (Mis)Guidance is Wrong

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