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Non-industrial cheese and milk ferments

This year we have been getting double the milk that we got last year (Mulberry’s second lactation). I started experimenting with fermenting – clabber, yogurt, sour cream, cultured butter… and I wanted to learn to make hard cheeses to preserve milk much longer.

After the first three cheese making books I bought severely disappointed I’m so thankful a couple of friends recommended The Art of Natural Cheesemaking by David Asher!

Not only have I learned so much more about the history of cheese and how milk becomes cheese, I now have all the info I need to make just about any fermented milk food that I want without any questionable gmo or lab made ingredients so we can preserve our milk harvest in the most delicious and nourishing way without any compromises or industrial influences!

Even if you’re only dreaming of having your own milk animal or can only get pasteurized milk where you are, I still think reading this book would be a good investment of your time! (In the past I’ve found it easier to learn new cooking skills when I was sourcing the ingredients from local farms rather than growing/harvesting myself.)

This book has also given me a new appreciation for kefir, which is so good for us – it can transform pasteurized milk into near raw milk qualities and is useful in so many ways with making ferments!

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