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One is the reels I made on a Instagram about unconventional things I mix in to my coffee has been played 278k times! This is another thing I mix into my coffee every single morning!

Our iced coffee days are coming to an end for the season, but whether hot or cold this is my new favorite coffee mix in!

Before this summer I had no idea that there are 28 different types of collagen and the most abundant collagen in our bodies not only begins to decline starting at age 25, it also isn’t the primary collagen in beef, chicken or lamb broth – which is what I make 99% of the time. 😅

Enter Inner Beauty Collagen! It’s made from fish scales and skin and contains the type of collagen our bodies need for skin to maintain structure and elasticity, prevent wrinkles, irregularities, redness etc.

This supplement also contains other active ingredients such as vitamin C since your body can’t properly utilize the collagen without it, prebiotics that help balance the gut microbiome for improved gut-skin axis and clearer complexion.

Check out my Type I Collagen highlight on Instagram if you want to learn more, or you can just skip to the good part and grab yours using the product link in this reel. When you order through my link, I’ll also send you some extra goodies and connect you to our private wellness community! 🤗

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