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If you’re looking for thrifty, friendly and beautiful birds who lay gorgeous mossy green eggs, this rare breed might be just what you need. See below for more information and photos of our chickens and their eggs.

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This our family’s favorite breed. We love their personalities and the appearance of both the birds and their eggs.

Silverudd’s Blue* chickens are stunning, friendly birds that lay gorgeous moss green eggs, often with speckles. The base color of the eggs varies from pale green to nearly olive and the speckles can be white or purplish brown. The “blue” in their name refers to the blue, black and splash feather colors of the birds. Silverudd’s lay 200-250 large eggs per year and have a smaller body size relative to their egg size.

Silverudd’s are excellent foragers who also do well in a confined area as they are thrifty, easy keepers. They are very alert to their surroundings. The roosters almost always have one eye on the sky and both sexes make a ruckus if anything threatens them. None of our hens have ever gone broody.

The two things we watch out for with Silverudd’s are frostbite in the winter on the male’s combs and foraging too far for both males and females. We have lost a number of Silverudd’s to predators since they forage far and wide and sometimes leave our perimeter fence, and end up where our guardian dogs can not protect them from predation.

We purchased our original breeding birds as day old chicks from Greenfire Farms.

*The correct name for the breed has been changed to Silverudd’s Blue instead of Isbar (pronounced “Ice-bar”), Isbar was apparently a misnomer, but you may still hear them referred to as Isbars.

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