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Tiny house

Could we be a tiny house family?
Could we be a tiny house family?

This weekend we looked at houses for rent near our land and didn’t find anything that would work for us. Peter said he just didn’t feel right renting someone else’s house when what we really want is to get to our land. So we then drove out to rural MD and looked at a tiny house on wheels.

The tiny house was awesome. It was a deep green stain on the exterior, had very large windows and a completely open floor plan. I loved that the kitchen was a galley the width of the trailer and the bath and bed were at the opposite side of the long end, leaving a large open space in the center.

Tiny house

We really think this tiny house could be an awesome place to live until our big house is built. Though we really love the asethetic of this particular house, I’m hesitating with it because it’s not off-grid ready and I don’t know how we would get it set up for off-grid given our distance and lack of know-how, not to mention our time constraints with Peter working full time and me having two little ones to take care of full time.

I’m beginning to feel like I have turned over just about every stone trying to find something that is move-in ready and ready now. I have started to think it is time to cut our losses and order something that will be ready in a few months. We could still get there in early spring and start working on some projects and be there while the big house is under construction.

It’s looking like spring is going to be the time {thyme}.

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