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We’ve been asked a number of times about breeding with our bull Orion and we are planning to collect semen from him in 2024. To sign up for the waiting list chose whether you prefer conventional or heifer sorted and then click “notify me.” By signing up you are expressing interest; you are not committing to buying. Learn more about buying AI straws and Orion below.

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Learn about buying straws for artificial insemination:

  • Straws will be professionally collected and ship directly from the collection agency
  • Shipping is NOT included and typically ranges from $150-225, including tank rental, nitrogen charge, and round-trip shipping
  • Straws will ship within the USA only

More about Orion:

Orion was born on our farm, to a tested disease-free herd. He was dam raised and weaned at 15 months old (our hope is that extended nursing will contribute to his overall health and that of his offspring!)

  • Jersey Purity: 100% Jersey (BBR 100K Genotype)
  • Milk protein: Beta Casein A2A2 (AA), Kappa Casein BB, Beta Lactoglobulin BB (no irritating A1 protein and milk that’s good for cheese making)
  • 22″ at birth, 46″ at 2+ years (Genomic stature -2.5)
  • Homozygous Polled (all calves he sires will be naturally hornless)
  • Tested disease-free herd (Free from Johnes, BLV and BVD)
  • Generations of grain-free genetics
  • Friendly, calm temperament
  • Sire was 42″ at 3 years, dam is 41″ at 6 years
  • Dam produced approximately 3 gallons per day on her third lactation (She produced 2 with her second calf, and 1.5 with her first calf)
  • First calf sired is a heifer, born at 21.5 inches

Additional information

Jersey Purity

Purebred Jersey (BBR 100 100K Genotype)

Milk Protein

Beta Casein A2A2 (AA), Kappa Casein BB, Beta Lactoglobulin BB


22" at birth, 45" at 2 years (Genomic stature -2.5)


Homozygous Polled (all offspring will be naturally hornless)


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