Blackberry – Sold

Mini Jersey bull calf for sale. Dam raised, will be available after weaning (November 2023).


DOBMay 20, 2023
SireChestnut Oak Harold
DamMisty Morning Farm Mulberry
Height23.5 inches at birth. Will likely mature as a miniature Jersey, potentially midsize.
Beta CaseinA2/A2 by parentage
RegistrationInternational Miniature Cattle Breeder’s Registry #21015

Blackberry was naturally conceived and comes from generations of grass fed only cattle. Both parents are A2/A2 and polled (dam is homozygous polled, sire untested) and both are registered with IMCBR. Sire was 42 inches at 2 years and dam was 41 inches at 3 years.

This is his dam’s 3rd lactation and she’s currently producing approximately 3 gallons per day. She produced 2 with her second calf, and 1.5 with her first calf. The photo of her udder below is one week before she calved with Blackberry.

Blackberry has a calm temperament and sticks close to mama’s side, learning from his dam as well as the older bulls in the herd. He is comfortable with people but not overly familiar.

Blackberry with some of the herd, he’s the 4th from the left and his dam is 2nd from the left

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