Rainbow – Sold

Grafted/dam raised midsize/small standard heifer born May 2023, available after weaning in November 2023. Rainbow is halter and lead trained, has a very sweet temperament, is comfortable with being touched all over and accustomed to being handled by both adults and children.

DOBMay 5, 2023
SireHolterholm Liel-P AJCA #173734748
DamHolterholm Lou Faddle-P AJCA #174020635
HeightDam is 47 inches. Will likely mature as a midsize or small standard.
Beta CaseinA2A2
Beta LactoglobulinBB
Kappa CaseinBB
RegistrationAmerican Jersey Cattle Association #175021013
Rainbow grazing with her adoptive mom, 10 weeks old

We adopted Rainbow from an organic, grass fed dairy farm (the same one we partner with for bulls to breed our girls to). After having colostrum from her dam, Rainbow has been raised by our cow Moonbeam. Rainbow’s dam is 47 inches and produces 3-3.5 gallons per day. Rainbow will likely mature as a midsize or very small standard Jersey.

Both her parent herd and our herd are tested free from Johnes, BLV and BVD and both herds are grass-fed for many generations. Neither Rainbow, her dam or her adoptive dam have received any vaccinations. Rainbow has been raised solely on milk, pasture, hay and natural minerals and vitamins.

Rainbow has A2A2 beta-casein, BB beta-lactoglobulin, BB kappa-casein – meaning her milk will only contain A2 protein and will be excellent for cheese making!

Having trouble finding a pure mini-Jersey?

Rainbow’s genomic stature is -2.6, making her an excellent candidate for a downsizing breeding program.

Learn more about downsizing here.


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