Parasite Cleanse


Whether you need to deworm your livestock or cleanse parasites from your own body, these are the natural options we recommend! See the full description below for more details.



If you have chickens or any other livestock, I bet you’re familiar with the idea that deworming is beneficial for them (after all they eat off of the ground and seem to love drinking the least fresh water they can find 🤪) 

…but did you know you and your family can benefit as well?

If you’ve ever noticed moods, energy or sleep are thrown off around the full moon –  it could be because that’s when parasites are most active. This makes it a great time to support your body in flushing them out!

You can start up to a week before and continue up to a week after the full moon, or you can do just a couple days on either side of the full moon. I’d start with less and increase if you don’t see results.

What do we use and why?

We use Oregano Vitality and Clove Vitality essential oils. 

Oregano Vitality will help to break down the biofilm parasites hide in and support the body’s ability to restore balance by eliminating an abundance of undesirable parasites. Clove Vitality will kill eggs so that new parasites don’t immediately take their place.

If you’re doing the full two weeks, skip clove on days 1 & 2.


  • 2 drops oregano 
  • 1 drop clove

For adults:

  • Add oils to a clear veggie capsule and top with carrier oil

For kids: 

  • Rub oils on the bottom of their feet at bedtime. Make sure they don’t touch their feet (it can sting if they touch their eyes after).

For animals: 

  • Add oils to feed or water. If adding to feed we soak it in water, skimmed milk or whey. If adding to water we also add 1 spray of Thieves cleaner to emulsify (otherwise the oils float on top of the water).

That’s it! Grab your supplies now before the next full moon comes around!

PS If you’re wanting to take it to the next level, ParaFree soft gels are formulated with an advanced blend of some of the strongest essential oils studied for their cleansing abilities! And ParaGize is blended specifically to support your animals’ natural cleansing system.


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