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Updates to Young Living Business

Alright team! 2021 is a year of change in the most beautiful way for us and our businesses!

The way people are able to shop with Young Living is changing in the best way possible.  When you grasp the potential here, you’re going to be so glad. The new shopping platform is set to launch April 21, and I cannot WAIT. We are going to be able to help our people get the EXACT products they are looking for, as their first purchase… no starter bundle required! The whole shopping experience on the Young Living website is going to feel much more intuitive and in alignment with modern web shopping practices so we don’t have to explain so much to help people understand how to order.

Some other changes that are coming are to protect Young Living as a company, our businesses, and our legacies. These changes are NEEDED and good. Here’s some background about what is prompting the changes to the business terminology, pay etc:

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices. They aren’t typically MLM/Network marketing companies biggest fans. Why? Well, there are a LOT of MLMs out there who are scamming people and giving the business structure (which is an AMAZING, legit business) a bad rap. Young Living has always been so careful to make sure we are always on great terms with the FTC (and FDA), and they are constantly giving us the tools we need to make sure our businesses and the company stay in line with the rules, and we stay safe. That is one thing I am so grateful for – the dedication the YL executive team takes to keep this company working within the highest standards. You’re a part of Young Living? You’re part of something really good. The FTC wants to know that the large majority of the time, people join a company FOR the products first, – not the business opportunity – then because of their love of products, they choose to share and therefore build a business! This is very clearly the statistic for YL already, and we’ll continue to make it even more clear!

One thing we are doing to be even more on point with the FTC is adjusting the terminology we use – because we know 98% or so of our “distributors” are actually CUSTOMERS who love and use the product only. But they’ve been classified as members/distributors because that’s what happens when you get a PSK and to get the wholesale discount. This is why Young Living announced back in the fall that we were reclassifying people into two categories – CUSTOMERS and BRAND PARTNERS. It puts people where they really truly belong, and will make our income disclosure statement accurate!

Young Living is also making it easier for us to get PAID!!! See all the details below!

And here are some more details and some screen shots of the new customer experience!

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