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Trusting Self-directed Learning

In the last couple of months, Little Peter started wanting to write labels on his drawings. He started asking me how to spell some words and write the letters. I tried to give the least amount of assistance needed to begin with so that he could be in charge of this new area of learning. He had learned how to write his name a couple of years ago so I started from there. For eg,

Mama, what does dump truck start with?


What does a D look like?

It’s like a P, but the round part goes all the way to the bottom of the line.


Today he took me by surprise when he asked:

Mama what’s the letter that is two mountains? I mean two valleys?


Okay, so what’s W O R K S H O P spell?


Oh, see this is the workshop!

I couldn’t believe how quickly he rattled off all the letters.

I didn’t “teach” him a single thing about letters. I just answered his questions.

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