Website Services

We are often asked who made our website. We made it ourselves and we can help you with your website too! I (Sarah) love working with small businesses and non-profits to create functional and beautiful websites that help you organize, maintain and grow your business! I have a web development certificate from NYU and can do custom website development, but I also love to empower you to stretch your skills and create a website you love – no coding required!

DIY Website

Use our step by step guide below and we’ll help you get everything set up to get your website up and running. Once you purchase your domain, hosting and setup options, we’ll send you instructions. You can also opt in for a consult or if it’s too far out of your comfort zone, reach out and we can talk about a custom website.

Step 1: Register a Domain

This is the address to help people navigate to your website, like your street address helps people find your home! Select domain registration options here.

Step 2: Website Hosting

This is the physical hard drive the content of your website lives on so that it can be accessed any time. Select hosting options here.

Step 3: Website Setup

We can install the software we recommend to manage your content and keep your website secure and running at top speed. Select website setup options here.

Step 4: Web Store Setup

Ready to sell online? We can install the software we recommend – it’s simple to use and endlessly customizable so you can have the exact store you want. Select web store options here.

You Take it From Here

That’s all the setup steps, and from here you can start customizing your website. (Don’t worry we’ll send you instructions too!) If you got through the written instructions and need a little more hands on help, you can also add a website consult.