Walking Onions


Egyptian Walking Onions are a top set perennial bulb with fast growing aromatic foliage. A perfect addition to your permaculture herb garden for fresh herbs and healthy eating.

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Egyptian Walking Onions are a perennial onion that grow tall green stems similar to spring onions. As they mature, new bulbs form at the top of the stalks and when they are heavy enough, the stalks bend and the bulbs fall to the ground and start a new plant where they land. Over time, the onions will “walk” to fill an area if the tops are not harvested.

Harvest the stalks to use like spring onions and harvest excess bulbs to use as you would yellow onion. Once you get these onions established, you will never need to replant onions in your garden and you can harvest them anytime you need onions in your kitchen.

The onions originated in Egypt, where they received just 2 inches of annual rainfall. They do wonderfully in the ground in well drained soil, in raised beds and we have even had success growing them potted indoors on our east-facing kitchen windowsill.

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