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  • Monthly (ish?) News September 2023
    New life on the farm, drought and pests, and winter preparation time is here!
  • Cutting our chicken feed bill by 65%
    When we first started with three hens in our urban backyard, we bought the best feed we could find – certified organic North American grains, corn-free and soy-free – and there were plenty of kitchen scraps from our own kitchen and our neighbor’s to go around, plus grass and bugs in the yard of course!… Read more: Cutting our chicken feed bill by 65%
  • New cow arrived with a highly contagious infection, here’s what happened…
    In this post you’ll learn all about pink eye in cattle, how to recognize it, how to treat it naturally and how to hopefully prevent it from occurring in the first place. We share the full story below of how we went from very distraught about the potential damage to our entire herd to thinking about pink eye holistically.
  • Monthly News July 2023
    July 7, 2023 It’s July! And my last update was in March! Typical that spring and summer tend to get busy on the farm! Over the last few months we have made a number of changes around our farm, and we are refocusing on our primary purpose of our homestead (other than feeding ourselves), which… Read more: Monthly News July 2023
  • Packing Hatching Eggs
    Q: “Would it be in the scope of this course to show how you pack the eggs to ship? I’ve received eggs from several people over the years but I noticed yours are the most well- packed and eco-friendly!” A: I received this request to share how I pack hatching eggs in the course forum,… Read more: Packing Hatching Eggs