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  • Packing Hatching Eggs
    Q: “Would it be in the scope of this course to show how you pack the eggs to ship? I’ve received eggs from several people over the years but I noticed yours are the most well- packed and eco-friendly!” A: I received this request to share how I pack hatching eggs in the course forum, […]
  • We thought we were going to lose her
    The ewe in this story is the white one at the front of the photo. The photo was taken the day after the big scare, she was back to calmly chewing her cud with the rest of the flock. Just three days before the first birthday of our ewe Stellaria, Peter came in from refilling […]
  • It’s time to wean this bull
    We had two calves born in late 2021, and our original plan was to have them nurse for at least 6 months, while sharing the milk with us. We let the calves have all the milk over the winter, so we could take a break from milking during the cold weather. In the spring of […]
  • Deworming – not just for livestock!
    If you have chickens or any other livestock, I bet you’re familiar with the idea that deworming is beneficial for them (after all they eat off of the ground and seem to love drinking the least fresh water they can find 🤪) …but did you know you and your family can benefit as well? If […]
  • What one supplement do all livestock need?
    There’s one supplement we give to every animal on our farm – cows, sheep, poultry, pig and even our guardian dogs! We give it because of how much it provides in bioavailable minerals, which effect their ability to stay well and thrive in so many ways, especially during our current times of depleted soils making […]