How to Immunize Your Dog without Vaccines

We highly recommend this book to all dog owners. There is a wealth of information about canine health in a compact format. It is an eye opening and empowering read.


by Aleksandra Mikic, DHHP, DVHH, Dph.

The sad truth is that thousands of dogs are injured and even killed by vaccines every year. What that means to you is that every time you take your dog for the annual check-up, you are playing Russian roulette with his life. Maybe you already know this as there are many books describing the horrors and the lack of effectiveness of conventional vaccines. But what is the solution? The solution exists and it is brilliant! There is a science more than two centuries old with astounding results when it comes to both cure and prevention of disease. What you will learn:

  • Why vaccines don’t work and their actual impact on the body
  • How nature governs the laws of cure and prevention and how we can safely harness her wisdom
  • What the actual risks are from infectious canine diseases
  • Step-by-step protocols to safely immunize a dog of any age

Are you ready for a peace of mind and for the improved health of your dog?

Aleksandra is a long time holistic practitioner, teacher and author. She is the founder of Health 4 Animals comprehensive course on holistic treatment of animals. In her practice, she utilizes homeopathy and heilkunst, sequential therapy, nutrition, energetic and body work. She can be reached through


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