Bria of Better with Thyme Farm

AKC # WS65209004

Bria’s Pedigree (PDF coming soon)

Bria is a puppy born to Bella and Beau in July of 2019. She is a beautiful blend of her parents and has lived outdoors on our farm since her birth.

We’re so happy with how Bria is developing. She is growing into both a beautiful dog and a very protective guardian. We call Bria our “teddy bear” because she looks like she has a smiling teddy bear face (and she loves affection and hugs like her mom). She has some of the best qualities of both of her parents and she is taking special interest in the chickens, like her dad. Sometimes she comes into the silkie yard with me, or sits outside it and studies them as if she’s learning each of the individuals.

Bria and Mint are often the first to start barking and running when they sense a threat during the daytime and I recently started catching her following her dad patrolling at nighttime.

Blossom is a little bit younger than Bria and has a very playful streak in her; lately she has been playing chase with the chickens. Bria has taken on the role of being an extra set of eyes on Blossom to make sure she doesn’t chase. When Bria catches Blossom she books from wherever she is and grabs Blossom by the tail or ear to make her stop. It’s a relief to have an extra helper with training!

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Bria’s parents

Bria’s parents are Bella and Beau.