The Motivation Blend contains:

Roman Chamomile – During the Roman conquest, when Romans dominated the European and middle eastern countries and communities, before they went into battle, their warriors will literally bathe in Roman Chamomile. That’s how it acquired the name “Roman Chamomile.” It is not indigenous to Rome but because they used it for that purpose, thus the name. Why did they use it in that manner? Because roman chamomile excites the adrenals and liver. When you go into battle, those are 2 glands you need to have excited because that is what gives you the HGH conversion for insulin factor and for testosterones to really create the energy and drive. So they would bath in Roman Chamomile for 2-3hours for a week to 10 days before they went into battle. They were so charged with the energy they were unbeatable. Gary uses Roman Chamomile because of its legacy and frequency to be abled, to empower the adrenals and the liver; and to move a person forward.

Ylang Ylang is for the heart. If you are going to rev up the energy, you got to make sure your heart is there to go through with you for all the action. You don’t want to get charged up and find that your heart cannot hold you together or to supply the blood you need to get through the job.

Spruce is so you feel grounded, like a tree, that nobody can bull you over.

Lavender is to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. You don’t want to excite one part of the nervous system and not the other cos if you do, you will be out of balance. If you find yourself going “YEAH….but”, it is likely your sympathetic system and parasympathetic system is not in harmony and not moving in the same passion, so back up and take a look at that.

Use Motivation in the morning when you get out of bed. Put it in a diffuser and set a timer for it to kick off at 4am in the morning.

This blend was made in 1994. Gary made it because he had employees that were not motivated. He diffused it in the office and it truly motivated them! Generally within 15-20min, you feel the adrenals kicking it. Rub it behind the ears at the occiput. If you feel brain fatigue, the throat chakra goes out and you will feel it into the neck. Motivation can really help. By applying it on the occiput, you will move the oxygen and energy in that area.