Oils Inside: Sage, Spruce, Rose, Orange and Lavender

Helps to open the brain and helps you to daydream. When you are depressed, upset, angry etc, your vision is gone. You can’t see what’s possible. Use it with Motivation.

Sage and spruce opens the heart chakra/energy centre because when that is closed down, you cannot have vision. You have to have the brain and the heart connected in order to have vision. It is also great for respiratory exchange of oxygen. You gotta breathe diaphragmatically, breathe into the gut, breathe into the brain, get the oxygen past that neocortex (logical) part of the brain to make that vision happen.

Rose brings you to a state of joy. Nobody is going to see good visions if they are angry. A sense of peace and balance helps to promote positive visions. Powerful in promoting the regeneration of new tissue, it takes 5,000 pounds of petals for just to make 1 pound of oil.

Orange is for the happiness! It makes you happy happy happy!

Lavender is for the balance.