Acceptance – Bergamot, Geranium, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Sandalwood, Neroli.  And here we see the primary constituents..59% of linelol which gives it a beautiful fragrance.  The linelols are your fragrance molecules.  Geranial from Geranium  is antibacterial and antifungal, the alpha pinene in Frankincense is for going beyond the blood/brain barrier with sesquiter-penes and also is immune modulating.  Camalyzine in Blue Tansy is for dilating the biliary ducts in the liver for letting the gall bladder dump poison.  Gall stones are from holding onto old resentments and old angers, so Acceptance can be a beautiful oil for letting go of that and for emotional clearing.

         Sandalwood and Neroli.  Sandalwood is really a beautiful oil for the skin, as is Neroli.  They are also both antibacterial and are very, very powerful oils.  The Acceptance blend can be utilized also just diffusing it for killing airborne bacteria and the Frankincense and Blue Tansy really work well together in human growth hormone.  What does that mean?  It means that those two oils working together with the anterior pituitary and the liver help assist the liver in converting HGH to IGF-1’s.  It is interesting when you look at the physical structure.  HGH is for growth.  Acceptance..we have to accept things in order to grow.

         So when you start connecting and putting things together there are some beautiful things when you see what is happening and use these blends. Neroli is in there for balance and for the beautiful fragrance that it brings. It’s a beautiful blend for the skin. Ladies can use this as an underarm deodorant or cologne or perfume.  It’s totally safe and non-irritating, a beautiful blend.  Again, diffuse that. 

         As a spiritual oil for spiritual application, put  Acceptance over the liver if you have a lot of pent up emotion.  If you are caught up in fear then put it around the umbilical area on the tummy.

If you are just stuck and you can’t seem to move forward take Acceptance and rub it on occipital lobes in a clockwise motion and stimulate the oxygen uptake of the brain so you can overcome the holding pattern that you have gone into and be ready to move over.

 Awaken the Inner Potential

         The whole purpose of what we are here for is awakening that inner being to the potential that we all have and Acceptance is an oil that I find very powerful in helping with that awakening because we get into conditioning and we don’t accept the potential for change.  We don’t accept the possibility of the realm and we shut down to it, we are closed to it.  Again, it comes back to what I was saying earlier about “watch what you are resisting.” I have found almost in every case, that which you resist is what you need the most..and we resist it because of fear because we don’t know who we are.  

         We are not self-assured with self worth.  We are not confident in our relationship with our Creator. So just be aware of that and pay attention as you start feeling pushed back on different issues that come into your life and as you go into shifting for clarity to sense this.

Some Things Can’t be Explained

         I have a sense (and perhaps a knowing) of how these things are working, but it’s not exactly in a frame of describing it scientifically that would be accepted by the scientific community.  The scientific community to this very day cannot explain how the bumblebee flies, and so there are some things perhaps we may not know how it actually works in the mechanics, but does that mean it doesn’t work?  Of course not.

         Many of these oils are in that space and Acceptance that when you feel stuck and you can’t accept that your goodness, you can’t accept your worth, you can’t accept your change..then go with Acceptance.